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Youth friendly career and employability related information from Youth Employment UK (YEUK).
This site is dedicated to providing information and signposting for those interested in careers in the NHS and contains resources, events listings and information about opportunities to get involved in the NHS. The site is divided into three areas aimed at different types of users. The learner's area is aimed at those wanting to pursue a career in the NHS, the professional's area is aimed at teachers and careers advice professionals and NHS staff area is aimed at NHS staff who wish to inspire others about their role.

Interview Technique and skills

The WorldSkills UK Lesson Plans are designed to help you guide and support individuals and groups of learners as they prepare to participate in competition activities. There are 10 lessons that cover the key themes and techniques outlined in the Competitors Preparation Toolkit.
Useful Interview Tips from the team - visit the link to learn more from their online advice section
This free program is designed to simulate a mock interview. Before you go to an actual job interview, one should practice and rehearse potential questions that can be asked. This will lead to a successful interview.
If you're counting down the days till your next job interview, these helpful hints will help you get in the right mood so you can leave a lasting impression on the interviewers: Here give us some insight into their top tips in preparing for a job interview.

Psychometric assessment tools

Before you can think about what you might do with your future you need to know a bit about yourself and what is important to you. Play this interactive game from Future Morph
The Buzz quiz can prove a useful starting point when thinking about your career. As well as finding out what sort of jobs are popular with your personality type, the quiz can help you explore your temperament, learning styles, relationships and stress management.
For candidates that want to familiarise themselves with the testing process, we have created these free sample tests. Psychometric tests are standardised psychological measurements of knowledge, abilities, attitudes or personality traits. Psychometric tests have been extensively used in commercial, academic and educational settings for centuries and their popularity has continued to increase.
If you want a career that fulfils you, you need to focus on your interests rather than your qualifications. Let these 24 questions steer you towards your dream job - This Guardian article provides a personality test may help you turn what you like doing into a career?
Welcome to JobTestPrep's Free psychometric test practice hub. Get a glimpse of employers' psychometric and aptitude assessments.

Employability Assessment - Transferable Skills

Have you ever struggled to figure out what job is right for you? Whether you’ve just come out of school and don’t know where to turn, or you’re looking to change the direction of your current career, it can be difficult to know where to look. Thankfully, our interactive tool does the hard work for you. Just follow the basic instructions and you’ll get a series of expert recommendations…
Monster have partnered with Pitman Training to offer you a Career MOT tool to help you assess which jobs may be right for you, based on your personality. The tool has been developed to help inspire those unhappy in their current occupations; confused as to what roles to apply for; those returning to work; leaving school, college or university and those that would like to take their career to the next level, but unsure of what that role would be

CV Design

We know writing a CV can be a confusing task. But our free templates are designed to take the pain out of writing your job application. Our free templates will help you write a professional CV whatever your circumstances. So whether you’re unemployed, a recent graduate, looking for your first job or looking to climb the career ladder, we’ve got templates specifically designed for you.
My CV is an easy-to-use tool to help you build a CV step by step, making sure that all the right information is included in a layout that will impress employers.
CV Builder is a completely free service that will help you to build a professional, fully formatted CV from scratch within minutes from
Write a CV in Minutes! Build a professional CV online Choice of CV template designs Save as Microsoft Word or PDF Easy to use with step-by-step help Packed full of examples Customise CV layout and look Effective phrases and action words to use Print or email using your browser Cover letters and more...
Use Purzue to create a beautifully designed CV (résumé) that can be easily distributed from any online device.

Maths and English Assessment

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This is a quick, free online test. It will tell you which Cambridge English exam may be best for you. Click 'Begin Test' and answer each of the questions. •There are 25 multiple-choice questions. •There is no time limit. •You will be able to see answers at the end of the test. Cambridge English are part of the University of Cambridge
Online tests from OCR in Levels 1 - 2 English Reading; Levels 1 - 2 English Writing; Levels 1 -2 Maths
We have collected loads of fantastic free online maths games to help you practise maths skills including counting, addition and subtraction, times tables, fractions, measuring, shapes, angles, telling the time and lots more
If you need a maths qualification to improve your CV or boost your confidence, Learn Direct offer nationally recognised maths qualifications from City & Guilds they are a great way to show you can apply your maths skills in a practical way.
Enhance your reading and writing skills with a free qualification. Are employers asking for qualifications you don't have? Our range of nationally recognised English qualifications from City & Guilds can improve your CV and show you can apply your English skills in a practical way.
Steps 2 Success have issued online resources to help users with their English, Maths and Science. They have split the resources into Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 and include documents and answer booklets
Learning maths as an adult is different to how you learnt it at school. These short online courses can help you get better at maths, manage your money better and help your children with maths. You can complete a whole unit or course or simply choose the bits that interest you. Learning online means that you can study when and where you want to – on your own or with someone else. You can also take as long as you want to. If you want to do an activity or watch a film more than once, it’s completely up to you! You are in control.
Practical, common-sense maths for adults including modules on Numbers, Calculation, Percent and Fractions, Measuring, Shapes, Graphs
Practical English and maths skills for work including sections on Private Sector, Public Sector, Finding a new job and being Self Employed
Practical literacy skills for adults from the BBC online including modules on Reading, Writing, Spelling, Word grammar, Sentence grammar, speaking and listening

Employment guide – “Keeping your job”

This short course shows you how to develop and implement your career plan, explaining what self-development is and giving participants a structured approach to assessing their own development needs.
Looking for a new job can become a job in itself, however if you plan your search correctly, you could be on your way to a great new career sooner than you think. Here give us 5 of their top tips to make the best of Job searching

Online courses and quizzes

The Learning Zone is is an online learning portal so that local volunteers and staff of local community, voluntary and faith organisations in Tameside and Oldham can access a wide range of interactive training and learning opportunities. The courses are designed as a short, interactive introduction to topics, sometimes used as part of a volunteer induction or as a foundation and pathway to further accredited courses. Participants who complete courses are able to print off a certificate that are good to add to a portfolio etc.
Become confident online: In today’s increasingly connected digital world, online skills are becoming more and more important both for work and for keeping up with friends and family. With GO ON you can do IT you will learn how to find your way around your computer, the internet and even your smartphone. Using the GO ON you can do IT quiz you will be able find out your current level of online knowledge. You’ll then be able to brush up on your skills if there are any areas where you feel less confident and keep track of your progress through the topics using the performance screen.

Skills Assessment

an online tool to help you find careers and jobs that suit you as a person from
A quick online Quiz to test your IT skills just for fun!