Introducing 'Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent'

GMCVO are delighted to announce that our GM Talent Match follow-up programme has a new name: Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent.

We will be referring to the programme in abbreviated form as ‘Hidden Talent’.

The programme will work exclusively with hidden young people –young people who are not employed, not in education or training, and not claiming the benefits to which they are entitled.

Katherine Bird, programme manager for Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent said: “We worked closely with our Youth Panel to settle on a new programme name. ‘Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent’ encapsulates both the reach of our work and our belief in young people’s potential.”

“We are supporting hidden young people – but the connotations of the word ‘hidden’ need not be negative. Through GM Talent Match we learnt that these young people have so much to offer their communities. Our role is to ensure they have the tools in place to realise their capabilities.

“As was the case with Talent Match, we will work with young people across the ten local authority areas of Greater Manchester and in partnership with local authorities, Jobcentres and employers to maximize the opportunities for young people furthest from the workplace.”

Work is ongoing to launch the new programme as soon as possible. Building on learning from the successful GM Talent Match programme, young people will receive one-to-one support from Talent Coaches who will help them progress towards employment whilst improving their self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing.

Delivery partners (hosting Talent Coaches) confirmed so far are: Bolton Lads and Girls Club, Manchester Young Lives, The Broughton Trust, Upturn Enterprise, Stockport Homes, Reform Radio and G-Force

All young people joining Hidden Talent will have a mental health assessment when they register on the programme. A mental health practitioner based at mental health charity, 42nd Street will work on Hidden Talent for three days a week, providing bespoke mental health support to beneficiaries.

Like GM Talent Match, Hidden Talent will also have a Youth Panel informing the planning, delivey and decision maing structure of the programme. Membership of the Youth Panel will comprise of young people who have experienced multiple barriers to employment.