World of Work Visit: Building Connections with Galliford Try

GM Talent Match World of Work visit to Galliford Try

In July, Greater Manchester Talent Match partnered with one of the UK’s biggest construction firms, Galliford Try, for two World of Work days.

The visits, which took place in both Bury and Oldham, offered young people the opportunity to gain an valuable insight into the rewarding and varied roles within construction, and an understanding of the daily activities for Galliford Try workers.

Joined by their Talent Coaches, attendees were able to tour a construction site, seeing some of the trades in action and meeting some of the workers, as well as having the chance to try their hand at some practical construction activities such as brickwork, painting and decorating.

They were also able to learn about work experience placements at Galliford Try, the various careers available in construction and how to pursue particular roles. 

Talent Coach Claire Whitfield said: “The World of Work days with Galliford Try were very inspiring for the young people who attended. One young person in particular was keen to pursue a career in business administration, but hadn’t considered doing so within the construction industry. The visit really opened their eyes to the fact that there are some great administration roles within the less corporate environment of construction.

“There are lots of different aspects of the industry in addition to the practical side such as bricklaying and joinery, which the young people were able to learn about during these visits.”