Young people get incredible edible at Heaton Park

A group of people planting in a raised bed

Young people from across Manchester met in Heaton Park recently to take part in a volunteer gardening day.

The volunteering taster event gave young people the opportunity take part in gardening activities including sowing and planting seeds and working in the orchard.

As part of the event, they also spoke to current volunteers about their experiences and information was available throughout the day to those who would like to make their volunteering a more permanent thing.

Jade Imrie, 22 from Stockport said; “‘I decided to try volunteering today to help build my confidence. It was fun but educational too. Planting tomato plants in the raised bed was the best bit.”

Sarah Gray, Volunteering Officer at Greater Manchester Talent Match said; “There are so many ways you can volunteer, and so many different things you can do. Throughout the week, we’ve been working with different organisations to give young people the opportunity to try the hand at different types of volunteering and help them find the right one for them.”

Richard Phillips from Breakthrough UK said; “We run a Peer Group to encourage young people to support each other often through difficult times so it’s important to help them develop the skills they need when dealing with challenges. That’s why we chose Heaton Park Incredible Edible; none of the Peer Group members have done anything like this before so it was definitely a challenge but in a positive way.”

Tracey Bell, also from Breakthrough UK added; “Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, gain new skills and try something new in a safe environment… all of which can result in a sense of achievement and increased self-confidence.”

The event was co-hosted by Greater Manchester Talent Match, Incredible Edible and Breakthrough UK.