Aaron's Story


Aaron, 18, from Salford had been unemployed since leaving college in July 2013 with a sports diploma. He didn’t know what he wanted to do for a career and had started to get into a routine of staying up late and getting up in mid-afternoon. His confidence was low and he was also starting to feel pressure from his family to find a job.

Aaron joined Greater Manchester Talent Match in February 2015, speaking to Talent Coach, Graham Cooper from The Broughton Trust. Aaron had previously taken part in The Broughton Trust’s youth work and felt it was the most natural place to go for support in finding work.

As part of his journey, Aaron took part in a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card course as well as BTEC Level One in construction with JTJ Workplace Solutions training at Antz Junction in Swinton.

Things started to happen for Aaron when he attended the Greater Manchester Talent Match Career Inspiration event held at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. It was there that he met Penny Anderson, from BAM Construct UK. Penny was impressed with Aaron’s enthusiasm and felt he would be a good employee for one of BAM’s sub-contractors. He expressed an interest in scaffolding.

Aaron’s Talent Coach, Graham Cooper said of the event, “I often take young people to careers events and open days without anything ever materialising from them but training opportunities. The Career Inspiration event was different, the informality of such occasions allows employees and future employers to relax, be able to listen and get to know each other in surroundings that are amicable to all.”

Penny worked with Aaron and Graham to set up a meeting with 3D Scaffolding. Following this, Aaron took part in work experience at 3D Scaffolding, a sub-contractor of BAM Construct UK, which led to him starting an apprenticeship at the company.

MOSI Careers Inspiration EventPenny said, “Aaron approached me at the careers event and presented himself well. He was clearly determined, enthusiastic and had some ideas about what work he wanted. This means so much as very often people just want to get into construction but don’t have a focus. Working with a Talent Coach can really help to provide this focus. This is a great example of the benefits of Talent Match – employers, talent coaches and young people have worked together to create an opportunity for a talented young person. This is exactly what the programme is about and is the reason BAM are involved. I wish Aaron every success.”

Aaron has now been working for 3D Scaffolding for 5 months and is happy with how far he has come. He says, “I am really happy with getting a job with real good future prospects. It really helps when you have companies like 3D Scaffolding that have informal ways of interviewing you, making you relax and then giving you the chance to show what you are made of. Rob is a top guy and he has really made this opportunity happen for me. I am happy that 3D Scaffolding is investing time in helping me gain really good qualifications and hopefully I will be able to pay them back though my hard work in the future. I am really proud of the fact I have been able to show my family that I am a worker and given the chance I will do well in the future.”

Rob, Aaron’s employer at 3D Scaffolding, said, “Aaron conducted himself really well in his interview which made it easy for me to offer him a job. He has 100% attendance and is always on time, he is an enthusiastic and willing employee. If he continues to show the right attitude he will be a part two scaffolder by the end of his apprenticeship. He is on the right path to becoming a full time scaffolder.”

Aaron’s Talent Coach is Graham Cooper from The Broughton Trust. He says, “It shows other young people in our community that you can achieve and find work through developing trust and working at your skills. There is a job for most people you have just got to give it a try and open your mind”

“It’s clear from Aaron’s initial engagement of the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme that having a local organisation, such as The Broughton Trust, delivering the programme is imperative to building trust and positive relationships for the progression of young people who do not enter the benefits system. The work we had previously done through local youth clubs was essential in creating the initial contact of someone who would have not entered any systems of support otherwise”.

Aaron says, “Being a part of Greater Manchester Talent Match has helped me understand what you have to do to get a job, and also have an understanding of what employers want and what having a job means. It is hard when your family put you under pressure to find a job and when you apply, companies don’t even get back to you. At least with a Talent Coach you always get feedback about what you have to improve on.”

As a result of the Careers Inspiration Day, 3D Scaffolding have now recruited another two unemployed young people onto apprenticeships in scaffolding that exceed the national minimum wage, including a second young people on the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme.

Aaron concludes, “Find people who motivate you instead of people who doss around and do nothing, it drags you down! Find people who can support you without putting you under pressure like close family can do. You have to challenge yourself sometimes to change and listen to others but it’s worthwhile believe me.”

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