Abi's Story

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Abi, 21, from Rochdale struggled to find employment after leaving school four years ago with four GCSE’s. With no other formal qualifications, Abi struggled to be taken seriously by potential employers and lacked the confidence to push herself in interview situations.

Although she had previously taken part in limited and temporary work experience placements, she had been on Job Seekers Allowance for two years and was living with her brother. When Abi first signed up with Greater Manchester Talent Match she had recently been sanctioned and as a result struggled to have enough food to live on.

Abi’s Talent Coach, Sam Powers worked with her to improve her employability and functional skills as well as identifying areas of work that were of interest to Abi.

Sam said, “After a few weeks of meeting with me regularly Abi’s confidence increased dramatically, she began to confide issues with me and was more open to help and support.”

Sam worked with Abi to find opportunities within her fields of interest, which included animal care, tattooing and graphic art. Abi took part in work experience at the local RSPCA, which unfortunately did not provide her with the experience she hoped for. However, it did lead to Abi becoming more open to trying new career paths.

At this time, an opportunity arose within another department of Groundwork, the organisation that employs Sam. Abi was supported to apply for the job and was hired immediately.

Abi is now flourishing within her new role. Within a month of being taken on, she is far exceeding her set targets on a weekly basis. She recently won a Star Colleague Award for her work. The Star Colleague award is an employee nominated internal monthly award that is given to employees that have contributed the most to their teams or the Trust as a whole. Abi won her award under the topic of 'responsibility' as she managed to pick up canvassing and community engagement in a very short space of time and achieved record numbers of booked appointments which contributed to her projects monthly success.

Abi said, “Greater Manchester Talent Match put me forward for the canvassing job I do now and I'm glad of it otherwise I might still be unemployed”.

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