Bryan's Story (BSL)


Transcript of video:

My name is Bryan, I am 25 years old and I live in Flixton. When I found it difficult to find a job, very hard, I needed help. I met Tracey at Deaf Club, then I met her at the library in South Manchester and at Manchester Deaf Centre. We did job searched, then she helped me with hard words and we changed my CV. Tracey helped me feel confidence. I'm a lot happier now.

The Big Conversation had lots of employers. I practiced job interviews. There were presentations and I learnt new job skills and we ate too.

I'm a kitchen porter. I help, I wash pots, I tidy up, I clean and I mop. I enjoy my job.

Tracey does a very, very, fantastic job. A fantastic job. She helped me with everything. She helped me get a job. If I was worried with too much change, she would help. She's a very nice lady, a nice lady.

Additional information:

In addition to support from Tracey, Bryan was also supported by Penny Wilkinson, a BSL Trainee Interpreter. It was Penny who helped Bryan find the job he is now in, a kitchen porter at the University of Manchester .

Penny also supported two other Deaf young people into jobs at the University and is working alongside the University to help improve deaf awareness.