Claire's Story

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Claire, 23, from Oldham, was referred to Greater Manchester Talent Match in February following a long period of unemployment.

Things hadn’t quite gone the way Claire wanted after completing her degree in Digital Arts Practice in 2013. She had tried tirelessly to secure work in the Gaming Sector but was unsuccessful. This resulted in her staying at home and not doing much for two years.

Her confidence began to diminish and anxiety became a problem. This coupled with Aspergers and Dyslexia meant that Claire found it really hard to find a job.

Claire’s Talent Coach, Janet Whitehead from Upturn Enterprise, explains, “Claire knew she had some skills but didn’t really know how these could be transferrable, what other jobs were available to her or where to even start to look.”

Janet arranged for Claire to attend Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN)’s Carousel pre-volunteer 3 day course after which continued with a community project in Dunwood Park, Shaw.

Claire then attended a Pathway to Apprenticeships course run by Oldham Lifelong Learning for 6 weeks, gaining confidence in CV writing, interview techniques and communication.

Claire then began 3 months work experience placement with Upturn Enterprise - working in the office completing different administration tasks. This allowed Claire to discover how to transfer some of her skills and open up further options for her career.

Through her time on the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme, Claire had the opportunity to a work trial at DHF Accounts, Altrincham.

Frank at DHF Accounts said, “Claire worked for us for two days a week for around five months. When she first arrived she was very shy, introverted and spoke very little. Over her time with us I could see her self-confidence grow and she became more sociable. I think that her belief in her own abilities will continue to increase and believe that she will continue to improve her communication and social skills in the months to come.”

Claire’s Talent Coach, Janet reports on her achievements to date, “I’m proud to say Claire has now secured a contract, completing her AAT level 2 and is well on her way through her level 3. Claire has travelled a long way since February; she is now a confident, well-educated young lady with aspirations to work in the Finance sector- without Talent Match I’m not sure this would have happened.”

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