Danny's Story


Danny, from Salford, started on the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme in February 2015 having been unemployed since leaving college at the age of 17. Danny was claiming Job Seekers Allowance and was getting very frustrated with his progress.

Danny had applied for many opportunities but never got a reply. He was starting to get fed up with getting no feedback and the pressure he was getting from his benefits advisor. Danny came on the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme for intensive support and help to navigate the system. He was referred through a family friend to Talent Coach, Graham Cooper at The Broughton Trust.

When joining the programme, Danny's aims were to get a job, become successful and have money to spend on what he wanted. He wanted to improve his confidence, self-esteem and prove he was a hardworking young man. He also wanted to gain a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card and improve his CV and interview skills.

During his time on the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme, Danny has completed a CSCS card course and also a level one BTEC in construction. He also completed his pre-employment training and within this time he had spent a lot of time in 1-1’s improving his interview skills.

After four months on the programme, Danny gained an apprenticeship with a local utilities company. He is training to be a joiner as well as gaining other qualifications within the sector, such as using dumper trucks. His rate of pay is £15k for the first year.

Danny believes that being on the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme and gaining employment has given him the opportunity to show how hard working he is. He now can afford an iphone 6 on contract, which was his first purchase on his first wage. He is pleased that he now has money to plan and pay his own way. He loves the routine and working with others and explains that he loves “sweating on site digging holes”.

Danny said of being on the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme, “I am definitely buzzing with getting a job, I don’t have to sign on, I am now earning my own money and I am also paying tax and insurance. I can’t wait to start doing other training which includes being a marksman and signaller directing vehicles on site on the motorways. Until I met my Talent Coach, I couldn’t even get an interview and I was getting depressed on the dole. I was shocked to get this opportunity which is paying me nearly £300 a week and after the first year my earnings are potentially 32k to 37k a year. I am proud of myself and I am looking forward to my future with a cigar in my mouth sat in a Jacuzzi!”

Graham Cooper, Danny’s Talent Coach at The Broughton Trust said, “I always knew Danny had the potential to become a good grafter and that deep down inside he just needed a chance to show an employer what he could do. I am so happy for him and his future as this work could develop him in many ways with many good qualifications for his future. I am really proud of how well he has performed in work and the feedback I get from his employers is really positive. Sometimes employers need to dig deeper and not judge a book by its cover."

Danny has one last piece of advice to other young people: “Not to give up and work with your Talent Coach as they can help you find your place in life”.

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