DWF's Story

Employers DWF, a national law firm with head offices in Manchester, are committed to helping young people increase their employability skills. Simon Price leads on DWF's involvement with Greater Manchester Talent Match and has developed a workshop aimed at helping young people recognise their transferable skills.

Bolton Lads and Girls Club Talent Coach Gabby Guarino supported two of her young people, Svenya and Lauren, to attend the first workshop at DWF's city centre offices on 7th October. Svenya said that she 'learnt more about myself', whilst Lauren said 'it shows me I can do things if I try'.  Eddie from the Greater Manchester Talent Match Youth Panel had a great time on the day: 'I felt really welcomed, it was fun, interactive and had a good use of presentations'. Gabby described the workshop as 'really interactive...it was aimed well at young people and Simon was passionate about Greater Manchester Talent Match'.

The feedback from Svenya, Lauren and Eddie was that the session had increased their motivation in finding work, helped them recognise their strengths and learn new skills. They all said that they would recommend the workshop to their friends - high praise indeed! 

Greater Manchester Talent Match welcomes the involvement of employers in the programme to help understand and overcome the barriers to employing young people and to provide work-related opportunities.

If you are aged between 18 and 24 and are interested in finding out how Greater Manchester Talent Match can help you into employment, visit our Get Support page. 

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