Jade's Story

Jade has made massive strides since joining the Greater Manchester Talent Match.

When she first met her talent coach, Liz Gregory, Jade had multiple barriers blocking her pathway to work. She was experiencing poor emotional health, having issues with substance abuse and was sleeping on friends’ sofas. Prior to this she had been staying in refuges after moving out of an abusive relationship.

Jade also had a turbulent relationship with her parents, who at the time were caring for her four-year-old daughter.

“I felt at a point where I wasn't worth anything and didn't deserve anything better, it was a horrible dark place,” said Jade.

Liz sensed Jade’s potential and convinced her she would be able to improve her personal relationships and get the job she wanted.

Jade’s path to employment began with a horticulture traineeship with EAT Pennines. From here she engaged in some volunteer sessions at Heaton Park and took part in peer group activities. She also attended GM Talent Match World of Work Visits and the GM Talent Match Mixer event.

As her confidence grew, Jade asked friends about prospective jobs.

One of her contacts managed to secure her a trial at a local garage. She immediately proved herself to be reliable and motivated whilst displaying a natural ability working with vehicles. Jade was given a full time job.

As her work life took flight, Jade’s personal circumstances improved.

“My relationship with my parents has improved massively. I can now have conversations with them about important things without it getting heated,” said Jade.

“My daughter has now come back to live with me and is much happier. I feel like I can be the mum I am meant to be.”

Jade now has a house and a trusting relationship with a reliable and caring new boyfriend.

Describing Jade’s achievements, Liz said: “Jade is much more stable in terms of her emotional and physical health and is coming to recognise the skills, talents and potential that she has.

“She has become more tuned into the type of work and career she wants since joining Talent Match. She is rightly proud of developing her knowledge of vehicles, learning what different parts are and how they work.”

Jade was keen to pay thanks to Liz for her ongoing support.

“Liz has built up my confidence and the courage to actually speak to employers and told me about how to dress appropriately in the workplace,” said Jade.

“She helped me to look at things differently - like with my parents. She is there when I need her and I feel like I can speak to her if there's a big thing going on. I can have a laugh with Liz and she’s always made me feel confident and that things were alright.

“Things would have been very different if Talent Match wasn't there. I wouldn't have had the confidence to go out and get a job or deal with my relationships.”