Jen's Story

Jen and her Talent Coach

When Jen was referred to Greater Manchester Talent Match, her home life was not very good; her relationship with her mother had broken down after the sudden loss of her father, along with other traumatic events. Jen already had a degree in Creative Animation but struggled to find anything in terms of work. Jen was looking for help with finding opportunities to gain work experience or part time work. Jen also needed help with sorting her benefits out and wanted to improve her wellbeing/confidence. Jen attended Jigsaw which is a social/support group for young people with disabilities.

Through Greater Manchester Talent Match, Jen took part in some opportunities including a cookery course with Bury Adult Learning with her mum to try help improve their relationship at home, they focused on cake decoration and preparing ingredients.

More recently, Jen had a positive experience at Studio Lidell when she visited for a World of Work day. Jen is interested in creative animation, particularly 2D, and got to tour the different departments and speak to staff. Jen really enjoyed the visit and liked how people treated her and listened to her, she was able to show people her work including some business cards that she has designed and created. After the visit, Jen felt reassured that she wanted to focus on 2D animation.

Jen has also been involved in a project which she found through Jigsaw. Jen volunteered and helped to design a character for aprons which were then sold for charity and proceeds were given to Jigsaw. Following on from the cookery course, Jen is now completing a short taster course in learning support which she is really enjoying.

Jen’s experience at Studio Lidell improved Jens confidence and she feels more able to approach companies/organizations without needing any prompt. Jen has been able to identify what she enjoys/doesn’t enjoy and has been able to widen her skillset by trying out different courses that she wouldn’t have normally considered.  Jen is also looking for more opportunities in studios to gain work experience as she enjoyed Studio Lidell so much. Jen said she feels open to more ideas now. 

Jen’s Talent Coach, Gemma, said, ‘I enjoy supporting Jen, she is extremely talented and creative and always tries her best. She has a positive attitude and despite having gone some tough times, she always remains optimistic. I am proud of the achievements Jen has made so far, I have seen some of her work and it is fantastic. I am sure Jen will be successful in the work she enjoys doing.’