Kieron's Story

Kieron next to a Groundwork van

When Kieron, 24, from Rochdale joined Greater Manchester Talent Match, he was at risk of homelessness following a life of depression and mental illness that led to low confidence in himself and his abilities.

Kieron struggled to find work, which was further complicated by having offended in the past.

On meeting his Talent Coach, Sam Powers from Groundwork BBOR, Kieron expressed an interest in learning a trade and working in construction.

Sam used her contacts via the programme to organise a World of Work visit to BAM Construction so he could get a better idea of the types of trade open to him. With a renewed interest in the world of work, Kieron enrolled on a CSCS course combined with a housing refurbishment traineeship with Groundwork.

Gaining confidence all the time whilst on the course, Sam put Kieron forward for employment with the Groundwork Green Team. Groundwork Green Teams create better and greener places while providing team members the opportunity to learn new skills, gain qualifications and improve their employment prospects.

Following an initial six month contract, and as a result of his work and commitment to the role, Kieron had his contract extended for a further 12 months.

Kieron has now been in his job for nearly a year and is loving every moment.

Due to being in full time employment, he no longer worries about being made homeless and has become self-reliant.

Kieron’s Talent Coach, Sam Powers said, “Kieron is now a lot more confident and better at expressing himself. His basic numeracy and literary skills have improved and he has developed excellent work based skills. He has established a good work ethic and has gained further motivation to continue in his chosen career. I think he is a wonderful young man and has proven what hard work and a drive to succeed can accomplish.”

Penny Anderson, who helped to organise the World of Work visit to BAM Construction said, “It’s great to hear that Kieron has now entered full-time employment, and we’re proud that BAM Construction were able to support him along his journey.”

Kieron said, “I’m really pleased that I joined up with Groundwork. Being part of Talent Match has changed my life.”

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