Martin's Story

Martin, 22, from Salford has secured permanent employment working as a trainee chef as a result of his involvement with the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme.

Martin has been working with Talent Coach Mary Martin, from The Salford Foundation, since April 2015. Before joining the programme, Martin, an ex-offender, had overcome an addiction to prescription drugs but continued to struggle with anger issues.

Martin’s Talent Coach Mary said, “When I first met Martin he was homeless and his life was chaotic. He had low self-confidence and was unsure what type of employment he wanted and questioned if an employer would take him on.”

Martin wanted to secure his own accommodation, increase his confidence, develop his interview skills and eventually secure employment.

As part of his journey on the programme, Martin attended a work trial for a local family brewery company, for which Mary provided motivation, encouragement and practical support including developing a CV and interview preparation. Following his work trial, he secured permanent employment with the same company as a trainee chef.

Mary said, “I am very proud of Martin, he is a friendly young man who has shown great strength and determination turning his life around, he is focussed on becoming a fully qualified chef. When I first met him he didn’t feel that he could work in a team, he was concerned about his anger and how he would cope if somebody annoyed him in the work environment.

He has made new friends and really enjoys the camaraderie of working in a kitchen; he thrives under pressure and loves that fact that no two days are the same. Martin tells me that he feels a lot more confident since starting on Talent Match”.

Martin is very pleased with his achievements and says that he can see himself continuing to work in the catering industry in the future.

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