Mike's Story

Person with a horse

Mike, 24, from Salford is looking forward to the future, having started college after a long period of unemployment.

He is well along on his journey to employment, taking part in a residential college course, at NRC Northern Regional College which will prepare him for a twelve week placement before he starts work with race horses.

Mike is particularly proud of the residential nature of the course explaining, “I have been able to travel to arrange and plan my travel to Doncaster and build on my self-confidence so that I can stay away from home.”

When Mike first met his Talent Coach, Rita Williamson from Career Connect, he was quite low and reserved. He had been unemployed for a while and, by not claiming benefits, was hidden from any support systems.

Firstly, Rita supported Mike to start claiming benefits, opening up his options for support. Rita worked with him, building up his confidence, offering support for him to attend interviews, meetings and job fairs. They met at Mike’s local library, a space where he felt most comfortable.

Mike was also offered financial support by the programme. Rita took him to a foodbank and helped with shopping vouchers and travel expenses. She also worked with The Salford Foundation to get funding for equipment to get him ready for his college course.

Of his time on the programme, Mike said, “I am quite shocked and pleased to have found this opportunity. I feel that I would not have been able to look at a course like this without the help and support of my Talent Coach as she found me the funding to proceed.

“Talent Match is so important to young people to provide them with the support and funds to give us a chance. I would not have even thought it possible to gain employment at the beginning, however now I have ended up getting my dream job.”

Rita said, “I am so pleased for Mike. When he first came to me he had received some news that was quite distressing but he still met with me and told me how he was feeling. I worked with him quite intensively and we overcome all the barriers and he became more confident and settled.

We then attended this job fair where he spoke to NRC Northern Regional College and he followed them up with phone calls and letters and presented at an interview. We made sure he was very well prepared with even a change of clothes as the interview was quite a distance in Doncaster. Because he was so prepared, he gave a very confident interview asking questions and providing information.”

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