Penny's Story

Penny Anderson

Penny Anderson is the Education and Community Coordinator for the North West at BAM Construct UK, based in Salford.

BAM Construction have been building in the UK since 1874. Offices, schools, hospitals, university departments, hotels, research labs, cultural venues, museums, travel hubs from the iconic to the purely functional. Locally they have recently built No 1 Angel Square for The Co-operative, City Football Academy for MCFC and The National Graphene Institute for the University of Manchester. BAM have been involved with Greater Manchester Talent Match since February 2014.

Penny also sits on the Greater Manchester Talent Match Steering Group, contributing expertise towards the design and delivery of the programme.

Penny explains why BAM became involved with the programme: “We have a passion to help local young people find out about the world of work. We became very aware that many of our sub-contractors were struggling to recruit to fill vacancies, at a time when the industry is facing skills shortages, this is a concern. Coupling this with the knowledge that there are some talented young people who are struggling to find employment due to their personal circumstances it became clear that working with Talent Match was the right thing to do.”  

As an employer involved in Greater Manchester Talent Match, Penny has supported young people in many of the services offered by employers involved in the programme.

Penny and her colleagues have taken part in 15 activities to support young people through Greater Manchester Talent Match including 1:1 Coffee and a Catch-Up sessions, site visits for young people and Talent Coaches, employability sessions and work experience. Coffee and a Catch-Up is an informal meeting between employers and young people on the Greater Manchester Talent Match Programme aiming to introduce young people to the company in a familiar setting. Penny also encouraged consultants and sub-contractors who BAM work with to get involved in these activities.

Penny said, “The range of activities we can get involved in through Talent Match means that a wide variety of BAM employees and those from our sub-contractors can offer their support.  This is great as it gives employees the chance to provide a level of support they feel comfortable with. Working with a range of Talent Coaches means that they can gain an understanding of our business.  This allows them to match the right young people to the opportunities we can provide”.

Penny also attended the Greater Manchester Talent Match Career Inspiration event held at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. During the event, she was able to chat to a number of young people on the programme, including Aaron, who Penny supported through putting him in touch with one of BAM’s sub-contractors’ 3D Scaffolding. Her initial contact with Aaron has since led to him starting an apprenticeship at 3D Scaffolding, a sub-contractor of BAM Construct UK. You can read Aaron’s full story by clicking here.

Penny has also helped the Greater Manchester Talent Match Project Team to deliver training to Talent Coaches to support young people who want to join the construction industry.  The training also allows the Talent Coaches to ask questions about employers and to understand how they can engage to gain maximum benefit for the young people they are working with.

Penny is particularly passionate about supporting young people into work. She says “People often have misconceptions about the construction industry and it is very often overlooked as a career choice. There are some fantastic opportunities for young people to get into the industry in a vast array of roles. It’s a great place to work and it’s absolutely right that young people are given the knowledge and opportunities to share their talents here.”

You can watch Penny talking to the Greater Manchester Talent Match Youth Panel in our employers video by clicking here.

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