Sam's Story


Sam, 23, a single mother from Oldham recently started a business trial at her local Council after working with her Talent Coach for eight months.

When Sam, who has 4 children, joined Greater Manchester Talent Match, she had a level 2 qualification in Business Administration but no employment history due to her childcare commitments. Sam had applied for numerous administration roles but with no success, being told that she did not have enough experience.

Pete Broadhurst, Sam’s Talent Coach from Positive Steps worked with her to identify and discuss the barriers preventing her achieving her career goal of working in a paid business administration role.

Pete explains, “We initially discussed Labour Market information and Sam gained an understanding of the competitive sector which she was applying for work in, thus understanding why she may have been unsuccessful with previous applications. This led to us discussing alternative roles that would still meet Sam’s job values whilst also enhancing the prospect of moving closer towards her career goal.”

Pete supported Sam to develop her CV to tailor it towards administration and customer service and together they completed a ‘better off’ calculation to ensure Sam understood the hours she could work and still be financially better off whilst also fulfilling her role as a single mother.

After working hard on an application form for the Get Oldham Working six month paid traineeships, Sam was shortlisted for interview. Pete conducted some interview preparation which contributed to Sam being offered the role subject to a two week work trial.

Sam was supported with travel expenses, identifying childcare support and purchasing suitable work wear which helped her to complete the Work Trail. Eight months into the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme, Sam started  on a six month paid traineeship in the Business Administration department of Oldham Council.

Sam said, “I was worried to start work through the six weeks holidays due to the kids being off school. Pete helped me provide a babysitter and an allowance of £47.50 a week to pay her whilst I went to work and this really helped me. It also really helped getting reimbursed for travel and work clothes for when I started work.”

Pete said, “Sam was over the moon to have secured paid employment within Business Administration. She appreciates that this is initially for six months but feels that the experience of working in a business admin role within Oldham Council, along with the networking opportunities and her Business Administration qualifications, will all combine and prove invaluable when applying for subsequent opportunities.”

Sam said, “When I signed up to Greater Manchester Talent Match, I didn’t realise I would gain employment so quickly. I was overwhelmed as I know there is huge competition with work these days.”

“I feel I joined Greater Manchester Talent Match at the right time and this was my goal to gain employment at Oldham Council as a Business Support Trainee Officer and it’s absolutely brilliant. The staff are brilliant and make you feel very valued and I have a brilliant line manager who helps me progress well through my role.”

Sam has two months left on her paid Traineeship but is currently in the process of applying for an internal Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship within the Council.

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