Sarah’s Story

Stock image of carer and resident at a care home

Sarah, 24, was exceptionally shy and lacking in confidence when she joined Greater Manchester Talent Match. She felt unable to talk to people she did not know and struggled in interview situations. At home, Sarah was a carer along with other family members for her ill grandmother and due to this, she did not spend much time on social activities. Although Sarah had limited work experience, she was very eager to start work.

Sarah started to meet with Talent Coach Sam Powers from Groundwork. After a few one-to-one sessions Sarah decided that she would like to take part in an employability course. She chose to attend a course at Groundwork as she felt more familiar with the environment and less nervous in the venue.

Talent Coach Sam was very impressed by Sarah, saying, “During the course she spent a lot of time with other young people and showed a real aptitude for supporting other members of the group.”

As Sarah was very interested in the fashion industry, Sam also organised for her to have an experience day with a local fashion designer, helping to set up a fashion shoot and giving her the opportunity to talk to people her own age about how they progressed within a fashion orientated career. Sarah’s confidence was further improved by this experience.

During this time Sarah also began looking at local care homes to see if there were any opportunities where she could work within the care sector. Within a short time she was invited for an informal interview for an entry level position at a local care home and a week later she was offered the job.

Sarah has now been working at the care home for three months and is thoroughly enjoying her role. She says, "I had no confidence before joining Greater Manchester Talent Match and never thought I would get work but after signing up with Sam everything started happening for me at once. I am so pleased I got involved it helped me get into work”.

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