Sarah S's Story

Sarah with Benjamin Hunter from KFC

When Sarah, 25, from Bolton joined Greater Manchester Talent Match, she was at a point in her life where she was desperate to work due to financial worries as she was buying a house with her partner. She is now looking forward to the future after getting a job at KFC on the spot as a result of attending The Sun’s Sunemployment Roadshow.

Sarah had been looking for work for a long time, but didn’t know how to find the right job for her and lacked the motivation to seek out employment opportunities. She was struggling with health and personal issues such as family difficultues and although her family do not stay in touch, she has a great support system via her partners’ family.

While being part of the programme, Sarah has taken part in a number of opportunities including interview skills sessions and both one-to-one and group mock interviews. Sarah has also attended numerous local job fares and Greater Manchester Talent Match Exclusive events, which she's always enjoyed meeting other people on the programme.

As part of her journey, Sarah completed four weeks work experience with a local charity, Clarity who provide employment and training to blind and disabled people. Although Sarah enjoyed her time at Clarity and it helped her to gain another experience in the workplace, it made her realise that she was not suited to working in an office environment.

Dora Mallott, Sarah’s Talent Coach from Bolton Lads and Girls Club said, “I am always proud to see Sarah take on any activity that’s been put to her. Sarah has a great way of always keeping a smile even when she's not happy and has been very determined to find work.”

Sarah is also a committed volunteer at the Bolton Lads & Girls Club over the past 12 months, gaining experience in the tuck shop and catering section of the youth club.

Of her experience volunteering, Sarah said, “Not only is volunteering at Bolton Lads & Girls Club fun, but while I’ve been there, I’ve gained the skills and experience in catering and food preperation I needed to get my new job”.

In June 2016, Sarah went along to The Sun’s Sunemployment Roadshow in Manchester and the KFC stall caught her eye. She took part in a group interview and was offered the role on the spot.

Dora said, “Through completing mock one-to-one and group interviews, I believe these have had significant benefits for Sarah as she's come to understand how to answer specific job interview questions and learn how to behave in a group interview. I do believe these examples especially have helped her be successful with her group interview for KFC.”

Of her experience on Greater Manchester Talent Match, Sarah said, “I have taken part in different types of activities since being on Talent Match, the main ones being CV and interview prep, support in applying for jobs as well as support with work experience. I feel all this support has been a great thing for me as its helped me find work and know how to do it.”

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