Sara's Story

Image of a young woman holding a certificate

Before joining GM Talent Match, Sara, 21, Oldham, was struggling with her confidence and communication skills. She wanted to be more independent so she had been volunteering in a local charity shop. She had also joined the Prince’s Trust programme to get motivated, but she really wanted to work out what direction she wanted her life to go in.

Since joining GM Talent Match, Sara has grabbed onto any opportunity that has come her way with both hands to help her get an idea of what type of work she might be interested in doing. She started a work placement at a local care home, as she wanted to help people; attended communication workshops, jobs fairs and chats with employers; and volunteered at ESOL sessions in Rochdale.

While in Rochdale, Sara heard about a theatre group for young people. She has always had a passion for drama, went along to support the young people in their sessions and is still doing this once a week.

The turning point for Sara came in February when she joined the Youth Panel to help shape the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme.

Over the past year, Sara has come out of her shell. Her Talent Coach, Samantha Powers, says, ‘Sara has worked so hard this year and I am so proud of the progress that she has made. She is a pleasure to work with and her exuberant and enthusiastic personality is contagious. I really think she will be an asset to any company as everything she does is at 110%.’

Sara says of her experiences, ‘Talent Match has helped me explore new opportunities. I loved my time at Edge Theatre Café and I think it was the best place to do work experience that I have ever been. The Youth Panel is awesome and is teaching me lots of new skills.’

Over the course of the last year, Sara is showing more confidence, better communication and organisation sills and an improved ability to deal with the unexpected.

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