Stacey's Story


After a year working with Greater Manchester Talent Match, Stacey, 21, from Bolton started her first job, as a health care assistant at a local care home.

When Stacey joined Greater Manchester Talent Match in July 2014, she was struggling to find work after leaving care and recovering from mental health issues. Now she has a job she enjoys, has received a marriage proposal, been nominated for a Prince’s Trust Breakthrough Award and moved from sheltered to independent living.

Working with Talent Coach, Simon Foster, from the Education Training Partnership, Stacey took part in work experience at a nursing home in Bolton, volunteering opportunities and The Princes Trust Team Programme.

During her time on the programme, Stacey passed her food hygiene, health & safety, first aid and manual handling certificates.

Stacey says, “Without the support of the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme and the supportive team at the Education Training Partnership I would still suffering with my mental health issues and not working. I would still feel like a prisoner in my own home. All the staff took me under their wing and supported me. I always felt welcome, even when I arrived at the office with no appointment someone was always there for me to talk to.”

As part of her Greater Manchester Talent Match Journey, Stacey took part in The Princes Trust Team Programme, a 12-week personal development course, offering work experience, qualifications, practical skills, community projects and a residential week.

After completion of the Princes Trust Programme, Stacey had another surprise in store – a nomination for a Princes Trust Celebrate Success award.

Stacey was a finalist under the category of HSBC Breakthrough Award. Stacey attended the awards with her Talent Coach Simon and her partner, Chris.

Stacey said of her time on The Princes Trust Team programme, “It was best course I have ever been on besides Greater Manchester Talent Match. As a result of taking part, I had the courage to apply for my first job.”

Stacey’s Talent Coach, Simon Foster is thrilled with Stacey’s transformation. He said, “I cannot begin explain the change in Stacey. She has been transformed by the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme and her outlook on life is now first class. She has a bright future in front of her and is ready to take on the world!”

“The programme has been a life changing experience and without the support and funding from the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme it would not have happened.”

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