Volunteering is an important part of many young peoples’ journey towards employment. Not only can the experience boost skills and confidence, but volunteering can also help to shape positive attitudes towards employment and enable progress towards personal wellbeing goals.

There are often, however, barriers for young people who are furthest from employment in accessing volunteering opportunities. This can be for a number of reasons including finding the right opportunity and receiving the necessary information, guidance and support during their experience. For organisations, there can also be challenges and frustrations in involving such young people.

The Greater Manchester Talent Match Volunteering Development Officer’s role is to support organisations across Greater Manchester to build their understanding and capacity, alongside creating new volunteering opportunities for the Greater Manchester Talent Match target groups. The Volunteering Development Officer also supports Talent Coaches to include volunteering experiences in young people’s journeys to employment. The Greater Manchester Talent Match programme aspires to leave a longer term legacy including ensuring that meaningful volunteering is recognised and respected by employers across the Greater Manchester region.

The Volunteering Development Officer is based at Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN), a charity with a strong track record in youth volunteering and supporting organisations and young people across the region.

If you are interested in working with the Volunteering Development Officer to build your organisation’s capacity to provide volunteering opportunities to young adults with barriers to employment, please contact GMYN 0161 274 3377.