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Greater Manchester Talent Match circulates regular email updates on the work of the programme including the latest news and opportunities, recent successes and information about future commissioning. To receive Greater Manchester Talent Match email updates, please register here.

If you have a general enquiry about the Greater Manchester Talent Match Programme, or are a Talent Coach who needs support, you can call GMCVO on 0161 277 1000 or email us at Alternatively, you can contact our staff team individually on the details below.

0161 277 1000
Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation
Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO) leads on the commissioning of host organisations and is responsible for monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance of delivery. GMCVO is the lead partner within the Greater Manchester Talent Match partnership, with responsibility for programme management and co-ordination, governance, contracts, employer engagement, communications and the Opportunitites Hub.
Marie Graham
Marie Graham, Programme Manager
Overall management and delivery of the programme.
Katherine Bird
Katherine Bird, Senior Project Officer
Supporting project co-ordination, reporting and governance.
Mathilde Vautier
Mathilde Vautier, Contracts Officer (Maternity Cover)
Supporting commissioned organisations to deliver on contracts including monitoring and reporting.
Michael Devine
Michael Devine, Contracts Officer
Supporting the development of commissioning programmes including monitoring and reporting.
Kirsty Bagnall
Kirsty Bagnall, Communications Officer
Supporting external and internal communications across the programme. Recruiting now: Click here.
Nisha Frizzell
Nisha Frizzell, Employment Engagement Officer
Working with employers to develop opportunities for the programme.
Janice Drew
Janice Drew, Opportunities Hub Officer
Responsible for the development and maintenance of the Opportunities Hub.
Nicola Percival, Opportunities Hub Administrator
Opportunities Hub administration.
Jonathan Lambert
Jonathan Lambert, Opportunities Hub Administrator
Opportunities Hub administration.
Sam Morrey
Sam Morrey, Administrator (Maternity Cover)
Programme administration.
Owen Hewson
Owen Hewson, Administrator
Programme administration.
Tahmina Begum
Tahmina Begum, Administrator
Programme administration.
Kadie Lang, Apprentice Administrator
Programme administration.
Ellie Nixon
Ellie Nixon, Contracts Officer (Maternity Leave)
Supporting commissioned organisations to deliver on contracts including monitoring and reporting.
Helen Butler
Helen Butler, Contracts Officer (Maternity Leave)
Supporting commissioned organisations to deliver on contracts including monitoring and reporting.
New Economy Logo
0161 237 4102
New Economy
New Economy delivers policy, strategy and research advice to promote economic growth and prosperity in Greater Manchester, working on behalf of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership. New Economy feed into the learning and development aspect of the programme.
Learning and Evaluation Officer
Recruiting Shortly
0161 274 3377
Greater Manchester Youth Network
Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN) leads on the development and support of the Youth Panel, enabling them to participate fully in the design and delivery of the programme. GMYN also lead on the volunteering aspect of the programme, working with employers, Talent Coaches and volunteer-involving organisations to develop and evaluate the inclusion of meaningful volunteering activities within the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme. GMYN also provide support and networking for Talent Coaches, particularly focused around training and Talent Coach Forums.
Sarah Gray
Sarah Clarke, Development Officer - Volunteering & Training
Providing support and training to Talent Coaches on employability, volunteering and organisation of a programme of Talent Coach development opportunities.
Sarah Gray
Myrtle Finley, Development Officer
Supporting the implementation and organisation of Talent Coach Forums and wider training opportunities.
Natalie Bates
Natalie Bates, Youth Panel Officer
Supporting the involvement of the Youth Panel in programme design and delivery.
Communications Officer
Vicky Bisova
Vicky Bisova, Business Administrator (Maternity Leave)
Supporting the Youth Panel and Youth Panel Officer.