*If you are an employer looking to provide opportunities for young people (including traineeships or apprenticeships), please note that our Opportunities Hub will remain live until the end of Janauary. Organsiations working with young people will still be accessing the Hub. To submit an opportunity contact thehub@gmtalentmatch.org.uk

How taking on young people beneifts employers

Younger workers might not have all the experience employers think they need, but they are undoubtedly the workforce of tomorrow. An investment in young people, therefore, helps employers:

  • to build a strong pipeline of future talent and ensure succession planning
  • develop knowledge transfer from an ageing workforce and keep skills in-house
  • grow a committed, loyal workforce that will help to achieve their future business goals
  • shape their workforce in response to organisational needs and develop an organisational culture
  • address future skills gaps

Employers also bring young people into their organisations to engage with their community, which strengthens their employer brand. Many organisations feel that employing younger workers boosts their reputation as an employer of choice. A strong employer brand also has a positive impact on competitiveness, as it can differentiate organisations from their competitors.

How did we work with employers?

Greater Manchester Talent Match trialled new and innovative methods of employer engagement. We fostered mutually beneifcial relationships between employers and Talent Coaches/young people by facilitating a range of engagement activities/opportunities. Examples of these are listed below, along with a video from our Career Inspiration event.

We helped employers to arrange pre-employment help to young people...

Pre-employment support and practical experience can make a lot of difference to young people. It can open their eyes to the range of roles an employer has to offer and lets them know exactly what an employer is looking for. We worked with employers to offer a range of sector specific support in this area, including work placements, traineeships, mock job interviews and World of Work visits.

We provided networking experiences... 

Networking experience can be invaluable to young people on their journey to employment and really make a huge difference to their confidence and motivation.

  • Open days and events - We held open days and events where employers networked with young people. Our Big Conversation events brought employers and young people together in a releaxed environment to have meaningful discussions on issues surrounding youth unemployment
  • Coffee & a Catch-Up - We supported our employers to get involved in a short one hour Coffee & a Catch-Up. These were informal opportunities to meet one-to-one with a young person and their Talent Coach. 

We hosted employer workshops and addressed recruitment practices...

Working in partnership with Business in the Community, through their Future Proof campaign, we provided practical advice for employers at themed workshops. These tackled current issues including the apprenticehip levy, in-work mentoring and reverse mentoring and how best to support young people with disabilities. 

As part of Future Proof the Youth Panel took part in 'Mystery Shopper' events in which they would assess the qulaity and clarity of employers job adverts. 

We used our contacts...

We worked with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) to build relationships between local employers and the organisations hosting Talent Coaches. 



You can read more about how working with Greater Manchester Talent Match has benefitted employers on our My Story page.

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