Meet the youth panel

The Youth Panel is at the heart of the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme.

Because all Youth Panel members have at some point experienced barriers to employment, their insight is integral to the support, planning, design and most importantly, the evaluation of Greater Manchester Talent Match.

Youth Panel members sit on different strategic groups within the programme and work directly with employers and key stakeholders - such as Job Centre Plus and local authorities - helping to shape future opportunities for young unemployed people.

The Youth Panel is continuously evolving and always welcomes new members who are aged 18 – 24 and want to represent the views and opinions of young people to inform the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme.

If you are interested and would like to get involved please telephone Natalie Bates (Greater Manchester Talent Match Youth Panel Officer) at Greater Manchester Youth Network on 0161 274 3377 or email

" /> Nicola Jacques

Nicola has been a part of Talent Match for several years now. Nicola says, "Talent Match is great because young people’s voices are heard and a pathway has been created for young people to employment." Nicola enjoys youth participation, supporting people with disabilities into employment and mentoring.

" /> Jodie Bailey

The Youth Panel really interested Jodie. She wanted to join to improve her knowledge and skills around employment and help employers understand young people better. Jodie says, "I’m most excited about the opportunities and experiences that will come my way as a result of being on the Youth Panel."

" /> Toni Brocklehurst

Toni says, "The best thing about Greater Manchester Talent Match is that it is influenced by young people to help young people. I've achieved a lot through Talent Match, I am a beneficiary and going through the journey myself. I want to challenge negative perceptions of young people."

" /> Nicola Prince

Nicola joined the Youth Panel because she wanted to do a lot of good. Since being a member she has enjoyed getting to know new people and doing new things. Nicola says, “The best thing I have done as a Youth Panel member was help compere the Big Conversation event because it well and truly pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was a very new experience!”

" /> Francesca Barratt

Fran is the Chair of the Youth Panel as well as being on the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme. She says, "The support from my Talent Coach and Natalie the Youth Panel officer has been great, they really care. The best thing about Talent Match is the opportunities you can access. Being on the Youth Panel you really get a chance to speak out about young people’s needs."

" /> Danielle Graves

Danielle is on the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme, which she says has prevented her from being isolated. During her time on the Youth Panel, she has gained great communications skills. Danielle says, "The best thing about Talent Match is that it’s open and supportive. In the future I hope to become a counsellor and help others."

" /> Amy Fletcher

Since starting Greater Manchester Talent Match Amy's confidence has grown and she feels people have listened to her more. Amy says “Talent Match is about working as a team, and pushing yourself to do more”.