Big Conversation 2018 Evaluation

“It made me feel less afraid about meeting with employers. Once I got talking to them I found that they were interested in helping as much as they could."

In January, young people on the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme attended The Big Conversation 2018. To watch a video of the event highlights, please click here.


The event provided a space for young people and employers to talk to each other about the challenges of securing employment, in an informal and encouraging setting. Young people were encouraged to discuss their experiences of being unemployed and the barriers they face to employment, and employers were encouraged to share their own stories and give advice and guidance to young people looking to find work.  

This was the third iteration, following the December 2015 and January 2017 Big Conversation events.

The day consisted of a series of round-table activities encouraging young people to recognise the transferable skills they already have; explorations of good and bad interview practice; a live social media desk and projected Twitter screen (sharing key discussion points) and a keynote speech from the Major of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham. 

Youth Panel members were heavily involved in the co-design and development of the event, to ensure it would meet the needs of the young people. 

A full evaluation of the event and an executive summary are now avalable to read here. The feedback quotes featured above give a flavour of our evaluations and the success we had in achieving our aims. These were:

  • Break down barriers between young people and employers
  • Challenge perceptions held on both sides of the employer/young person divide
  • Create new networks between employers and young people