Housing and Benefits Training


On December 14th and 15th, Shelter provided training to some of our Talent Coaches to explore some of the pressing issues faced by young people - housing, homelessness and welfare benefits. 

24% of our beneficaries have experienced homlessness.* Our young people face a multitude of barriers that limits their job search, but by providing Talent Coaches with the necessary information and tools, they are able to support and assit our beneficaries more successfully in these fields. 

One Talent Coach noted that 'this is an area where I needed to learn the basics. I will use the information gained to good effect in my role as a Talent Coach.' Another Talent Coach described how informative the session was, and that it will help them support their clients much more effectively and confidently.

100% of attending Talent Coaches said they would use the information delivered in their role as a Coach.

This training was held in response to requests in the Learning Needs Analysis conducted early 2017.


*Headline Report - Q1 2014: Q3 2017 October 2017