Research findings now available: Jobcentre Plus provisions and young people

In April 2018, our Youth Panel identified Jobcentre Plus provision as their area of focus as part of their project, 'CONNECT: Learn, Share, Improve' in partnership with Youth Employment UK. Members identified issues surrounding the accessibility of information at Jobcentre Plus and the communication methods employed by Work Coaches. The aims of this project are to:

  • Support Jobcentre Plus to improve their services by deepening their understanding of young people’s needs
  • Support disengaged young people to find out more about Jobcentre Plus and its services

The Youth Panel created a survey that was completed by 31 young people and 38 Jobcentre Plus Work Coaches, and conducted six interviews with Work Coaches, and eight interviews with young people.

What did we learn?

Three key themes arose from this research:

  1.  Access to information about services
  2.  Specialist training for Jobcentre Plus staff
  3.  The Jobcentre environment 

Watch our short animation detailing our findings below, or view our infographic by clicking here.

What’s next?

The project’s second stage will see these findings feed into the creation of a pilot project. We are currently discussing a possible activity at Oldham Jobcentre Plus. The outcome of which will be detailed in a final evaluation. Follow @gmtalentmatch to keep up to date. 

On 11 October 2018, Greater Manchester Talent Match are hosting our 'Still Hidden' conference. One workshop will be surrounding the CONNECT: Share, Learn, Improve project. Click here to purchase a ticket.