Young people design apps at BBC World of Work Visit

Young people and their Talent Coaches on the BBC Breakfast Sofa

On Friday 4th March, young people and Talent Coaches took part in a World of Work Visit at the BBC in Media City.

The visit gave Talent Coaches and young people the opportunity to find out more information about the range of jobs at the BBC, how to apply, ask any questions as well as a tour of the Quay House.

One of the main parts of the visit was a fun and interactive workshop that included an introduction to website and app content development and the principles of online working led by BBC Media staff.

During the workshop young people were asked to design a new app on paper using creative materials. David from the BBC explained that this is how every app starts life. He described how app developers at the BBC will always look at designing an app on paper before doing any technical work at all.

The team were split into two groups, once focusing on developing an app for children and one to develop an app around a sporting event.

The teams were asked to develop the app to strict time limits and then present their concept back to the remainder of the group and staff involved. All of the young people who took part in the experience helped with presenting their app.

  • The first group designed a sensory app for children with disabilities – in particular children who are either deaf, blind or have Aspergers. The app would have different setting for each disability and offer a range of sensory activities tailored to fit the child’s needs. It would link up with other devices, such as the television or a tablet in order to create a larger sensory experience. The app would also have a parent’s function which would allow parents to access info on what their child would benefit from and change the settings.
  • The second group’s sports app would focus on big events happening internationally such as the Olympics or the World Cup. The app would allow you to personalise the activity that you can see depending on your interests and would provide you in depth information on the sport you are looking at, as well as ‘How to get involved’ a section that would link users to local clubs which offer the opportunity to get involved in this sport.

Edward Konarski, who took part in the visit said: “The thing I liked most about this opportunity was learning how the BBC works and what it is like behind the camera. It is a great programme to learn the inner workings of the BBC”.

The team also found out how the BBC engages with its audience using interactive media to provide their services via a range of technology such as TV, mobile phones and Kindles.

All of the young people who attended the day said that the opportunity had helped increase their motivation in finding work in the future and had helped them improve their skills.

Ian Rowbottom, a Talent Coach with Connexions Salford said, “The day was very informative and inspiring for young people”.

Greater Manchester Talent Match holds Exclusive World of Work Visits as part of the programme. If you are interested in joining, visit our Get Support page.