ASDAN Employability Qualification - ACE Wigan and Leigh

The Employability course develops English, Maths and Information Technology skills which help to improve the learners' employment potential.

The Employability course aims to give the student an insight into the world of work.

At Entry Level 2 the course consists of 3 core units and 9 additional units.

No pressure is put on learners as they work at their own pace and there are no exams - all work is portfolio based.

Each completed unit is accredited individually. To achieve an Award in Employability learners must gain 6 credits and to achieve a Certificate in Employability the learner must gain 15 credits. (Each unit is worth a certain number of credits) The learner will build up their credits via a combination of both core and additional units.

Entry Level 2

The 3 core units at Entry 2 are:

  • 1. Maintaining work standards.
  • 2. Exploring job opportunities.
  • 3. Learning through work experience.

The additional units at Entry Level 2 are:

  • 1. Communicating with others at work.
  • 2. Customer service.
  • 3. Health and safety in the workplace.
  • 4. Planning and reviewing learning.
  • 5. Rights and responsibilities in the
  •     workplace.
  • 6. Tackling problems at work
  • 7. Travelling to work.
  • 8. Working with numbers.
  • 9. Working with others.

  Entry Level 3 and Above

At Entry Level 3 and above there are more units to select from and they are studied at a more advanced level with more emphasis on student led study

Based in : Wigan
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Close date: 31st March 2019
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