Adult Dyslexia Support Project

Opportunity Provider: Advantage-Dyslexia

Manchester City Council, in partnership with Advantage-Dyslexia is funding a pilot for potential Adult Dyslexia Projects in South Manchester. 

We are looking to engage with unemployed adults (aged 16+) in South Manchester who may have issues with dyslexia but have never had the opportunity to have advice and support in this area.

Individuals can be referred for a dyslexia screening and evaluation that will offer information, advice and guidance in overcoming barriers that can be created by not tackling the problems of dyslexia.

People who have experienced any of the following issues may benefit from participating in the Adult Dyslexia Project.

  • Poor performance at school.
  • Frustration and stress due to experiences at school.
  • Inaccuracies, e.g. misreading instructions
  • Having to re-read something over and over
  • Poor reading speed
  • Struggles in recalling what has been read
  • Reluctance to speak or present in public
  • Persistent difficulty in spelling
  • Problems with legibility and speed of handwriting, and presentation and difficulty with punctuation
  • Difficulty with concentration and attention
  • Poor organisational skills, e.g. problems with time¬keeping and meeting deadlines
  • Difficulties with memory
  • Often better at practical activities with reduced reading and writing skills
  • Low self-esteem, leading to a loss of motivation and anxiety

Screening appointments take upto 1 hour.  Please contact Alan for an informal chat in the first instance.

Based in : Manchester
Open to: Across GM
Travel expenses: No
Lunch provided: No
Refreshments provided: No
Childcare provision: No
Opportunity available: Please see opportunity details
Close date: 31st March 2019
Is this opportunity ongoing? Yes
Opportunity Category: Other
Listing status: Live

Contact details
Contact person: Alan Shoreman
Telephone: 07984 686642

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