'Employ Me' Traineeships with Mencap in Oldham

Opportunity Provider: Mencap

What is a Traineeship?

A Traineeship is an education and training programme with work experience designed for young people (19 -24) who are motivated to work but lack the skills, experience and behaviours sought by employers. Therefore a traineeship programme is designed to support young people to develop the skills and experience they need to secure either an apprenticeship or other sustainable employment. Traineeships are government funded and regulated by Ofsted and Mencap is an approved provider to provide traineeship programmes specifically designed to enable young people who have a learning disability gain the skills and experience they need to become valued employees. The completion of a Traineeship is not a stand-alone destination for a young person but a preparation for an apprenticeship or other sustainable employment. Who can join a Traineeship? The core target group are young adults:

  • For those 19-24 years old, providing they start before their 25th birthday.
  • People who have an EHC plan or have had an LDA up to 25.
  • Not currently in employment or education and have little work experience, but who are focused on work.
  • Hold qualifications below a level 3.
  • Have been assessed as having a reasonable chance of being work ready for employment or an apprenticeship within 4 months of starting on the programme.

Traineeships are not intended for:

  • The most disengaged young people, who require very intensive support.
  • Those currently in college or ongoing education.
  • Those already contracted within a ESFA funded programme.
  • Individuals with a history of employment or whom have already completed an apprenticeship.

Financial support for trainees

Mencap traineeships do not pay trainees for completing or participating in the programme, Employers are not required to pay young people for work experience undertaken as part of a Traineeship. Traineeships are exempt from the National Minimum Wage however employers may be encouraged, but are not required to, provide trainees with support to meet their expenses such as travel costs. Young people claiming JSA or Universal Credit will still be eligible to receive benefits whilst on a Traineeship. Whilst enrolled Trainees may also be able to claim expenses or grants for travel costs and other expenses dependant on their individual circumstances.

What does a Traineeship programme look like?

Traineeships can last between 6 weeks and 15 weeks with the aim to secure the young person’s progression into a positive outcome as quickly as possible. Traineeships can lead to many different positive outcomes based on the learners progression, skills and achievements, allowing them to take the appropriate pathway for them.  Positive outcomes of a Traineeship can lead to either:

  • Work placement
  • Apprenticeship
  • Paid employment
  • Further course of learning 

The core content of a traineeship is:

  • A high quality work experience placement
  • Work preparation training
  • Support within the development of English and maths skills
  • A flexible element e.g. a specific short course or a qualification if appropriate (optional)

Why choose us?, How is a Mencap traineeship different from others?

We strive to create tailored opportunities for people, by working closely with both the employer and the trainee to develop flexible working placements, work trials, providing in work support, job carving and breaking down barriers to employment to tailor the traineeship to the individuals needs. We support individuals with areas such as travel training, behaviour in the workplace, work related community projects and practical work related scenarios. You are not expected to achieve a level or qualification to complete the Traineeship, our focus is to develop your skills towards employment and challenge employers to try practical methods of employment, not solely based on an individuals working level or qualifications.

What matters most?

We want our trainees to achieve the best that they can be, through providing an inclusive, trustworthy, safe and happy learning environment, empowering trainees rights, choices and the chance to build lasting friendships with their peers, with a final outcome of achieving paid employment in their chosen role.

Where can I start the traineeship?

We are currently based at Positive Steps, 80 Union Street, Oldham, OL1 1DJ.

How can I make a referral?

To make a referral, contact us by phone or email Mike Brown (Employment Co-ordinator) : 07392 303 226 Email: Michael.Brown@mencap.org.uk Tracey Kirwin (Employment Co-ordinator): 07507 197 835 Email: Tracey.kirwin@mencap.org.uk

Based in : Oldham
Open to: Across GM
Opportunity available: Please see opportunity details
Close date: 31st March 2019
Is this opportunity ongoing? Yes
Opportunity Category: Traineeship
Listing status: Live

Contact details
Contact person: Tracey Kirwin
Telephone: 07507 197835
Positive Steps
80 Union Street

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