Anti-Bullying Workshops @ NorthWest Stars

Opportunity Provider: Northweststars

Anti bullying workshop to develop interpersonal skills among young people with anti social behaviour.  This workshop will come to your setting to be conducted. The workshop is a interactive drama that addresses anti bullying, promoting respect for individuality and anti hate crime. This drama is broken down into three sections:

  • One being the drama scene
  • Second being the interactive drama whereby the audiences have the opportunity get involved
  • Third making facts understandable where information on the subject of hate crime and bullying is delivered to those attending the workshop and support services promoted through a catchy song

This is a group activity for Talent Match Coaches to use with their beneficency group to develop interpersonal skills.

Bullying is at the foundation of criminal activities such as hate crime and a element of antisocial behaviour, as well as causing social and emotional distress to children who encounter it and in some cases inflict it on to others, therefore an important subject matter for all providing services to children to address.

Please contact Shola McLeod at for more details.

Desired learning / development outcomes: develop interpersonal skills
Based in : Manchester
Open to: Across GM
Travel expenses: No
Lunch provided: No
Refreshments provided: No
Childcare provision: No
Opportunity available: See opportunity details
Close date: 31st March 2019
Is this opportunity ongoing? Yes
Opportunity Category: Mental wellbeing
Listing status: Live
Opportunity sector: Voluntary Sector

Contact details
Contact person: Shola Mcleod
Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse
140 Raby Street
M14 4SL

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