Alex Whinnom

Chief Executive
Description of Background/Expertise:

Alex has been the Chief Executive of GMCVO since Jan 2003. He also sits on the GM/c Skills and Employment Partnership and the ESIF Committee and represents GMCVO within the GM Futures Partnership. Having operated for many years at a strategic level he is widely networked across all sectors and is in a position to have an overview of Greater Manchester strategy and ambitions. He previously worked with homeless people for 15 years, starting with hands-on support for individuals and finishing with a programme of work across the north of England enabling providers and local government to negotiate with government over the introduction of “Supporting People” . He is also a qualified youth worker and volunteers with children and young people.

Interest in Greater Manchester Talent Match:

Talent Match offers the opportunity to try to address youth unemployment differently, accepting current approaches have not been successful in reaching all our young people. Alex was instrumental in setting up Talent Match on a model which brings together all the relevant parties, including the young people most affected by the issue, to design and trial a different approach. His hope is that Talent Match will help us understand the principles that would underpin a successful approach to youth unemployment, especially young people who are most disadvantaged. His ambition is that as GM/c gains greater control over skills and employment programmes, our learning will be applied to the design and delivery of all these programmes. He would also like to see a legacy of stronger partnership between youth organisations and businesses wishing to recruit young people, building on the best practice identified by Talent Match.