Chris Hulse

Partnership Manager
Jobcentre Plus, Newton Heath
Description of Background/Expertise:

Chris has worked for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for 36 years covering a range of roles. She has an extensive stakeholder network that includes Local Authority, Criminal Justice Partners, and Housing, Health and Voluntary and Community partners. Chris has supported a number of key developments across the city and works with employers & partners to develop programmes and opportunities that will support young people including young people not in education, emplyment or training, Young Offenders, Care leavers and those with learning disabilities to move back into the labour market.

Interest in Greater Manchester Talent Match:

Chris has worked with GMCVO on the development of Greater Manchester Talent Match and has been an active member of the Steering Group since the programme was launched. She has delivered information sessions to Talent Coaches, brokered the service to Jobcentre networks across Greater Manchester and continues to contribute to the future development of the programme.