Tess Gregson

Head of Business Operations
42nd Street
Description of Background/Expertise:

Tess has worked within local and regional voluntary and statutory sector organisations across the North West with a focus on themes of democracy and participation, rights, volunteering, youth work, and training. She has worked directly with young people, in project management and senior management roles giving her a breadth of insight into what genuinely works when planning and delivering programmes. For the past six year, Tess has been located at 42nd Street, a Manchester based charity supporting young people under stress to achieve their full potential.

Interest in Greater Manchester Talent Match:

Greater Manchester Talent Match seeks to be innovative and break the mould. Tess believes that transforming the way in which we address key issues which are disproportionately affecting young people, such as unemployment, is essential if genuine change is to be affected.

Greater Manchester Talent Match has taken on the challenge to reduce youth unemployment, create sustainable opportunities and enable young people to gain the skills, confidence and drive to succeed.

Many young people who seek out support at 42nd Street know only too well the impact that unemployment has on an individual’s sense of self, confidence and self-esteem. For those already under stress or experiencing mental health problems, a lack of holistic support can further add to distress; Greater Manchester Talent Match recognises the impact of such experiences and places these in the context of the current economic environment. Jess is interested in Greater Manchester Talent Match as it aims to specifically address the needs of those furthest from the labour market and through the Talent Coaches, enables young people to put their aspirations into practice. Hearing young people’s experiences and views has been and will continue to be central to the success of Greater Manchester Talent Match. She believes that it is the genuine partnerships across the voluntary sector, with young people and with Greater Manchester businesses that will drive the project forward.