Penny Anderson

Education and Community Co-ordinator
BAM Construct UK
Description of Background/Expertise:

Penny has worked in the field of Corporate Responsibility for 6 years and has recently become a member of the ICRS (Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability). She believes individuals and businesses have a huge part to play in helping to build stronger communities through support for individual people.

Penny speaks to many young people about their future careers and always recommend finding work experience – whether for a few hours, a week long placement or an internship. Penny knows that getting to know what the real world of work is like is so important to build young people’s confidence. She says that experience coupled with making contacts in the field of work you want to move into is crucial to make that first step. Personally and through her own network, she is able to facilitate these steps.

Penny thinks that Greater Manchester Talent Match is a great vehicle for facilitating these links and wants to help to influence its direction to allow this to happen as freely as possible.

Interest in Greater Manchester Talent Match:

Penny is an Education and Community Co-ordinator, meaning that when BAM Construct UK are
building something – anything from a school to a new state of the art Football Academy, she has the responsibility to ensure they give something back to the local community. This might be through offering unemployed people training, helping people get into work, going into schools to talk about careers in construction or helping a local community group or charity.

BAM Construct UK have a passion to help local young people find out about the world of work. They became very aware that many of their sub-contractors were struggling to recruit to fill vacancies, at a time when the industry is facing skills shortages, this is a concern. Coupling this with the knowledge that there are some talented young people who are struggling to find employment due to their personal circumstances it became clear that working with Talent Match was the right thing to do