Andy Fawcett

Executive Director
Skills Funding Agency
Description of Background/Expertise:

Operating as a senior manager in the skills and employment arena in a number of roles Andy has successfully implemented policy developments in a micro private sector organisation and in both large public and private sector organisations. Many of those projects and initiatives have been designed, developed and implemented to support vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to access support, training and subsequently employment. An in-depth understanding of skills policy in an economic and political context has enabled Andy to develop strategic plans and to prompt innovative responses to new issues and problems many of them related to young people and employment including the development of Apprenticeships and Traineeships as well as forerunner programmes.

Andy has successfully conceived and managed a number of innovative projects seeking out and securing funding from a variety of sources and has also supported the development of effective project and performance management frameworks with a number of organisations. Sound organisational and interpersonal skills have consistently enabled Andy to lead teams to achieve business plans, objectives and targets.

Driven by a lifelong commitment to education and training, Andy has used his communication and political skills to lead major changes in both a professional and voluntary capacity taking tough decisions where necessary in order to improve outcomes for individuals and organisations.

Interest in Greater Manchester Talent Match:

Andy’s interest in Greater Manchester Talent Match is generated in three ways:

• Having worked in the management of post 16 skills provision in Greater Manchester for over a decade, Andy has witnessed the growing economic success of the city. Despite the overall growth in employment the overall numbers of workless people have remained broadly the same and far too many young people are failing to secure a sustainable employment.

• Throughout his working career, Andy has been engaged in a range of developments and initiatives designed to support young people to make a successful transition from education to employment. He understands the barriers which many young people face and has also learnt what makes for an effective intervention and what doesn’t. Andy feels that Talent Match is making a real difference to the lives of young people and supporting them to rekindle their hopes, aspirations and motivation.

• During his career, Andy has been invited to join the boards and governing bodies of a range of organisations in the private, public and third sectors. In the majority of cases these roles have had a focus on young people. Andy has been the Chair of Governors of a secondary school serving a very disadvantaged community, helped to establish a foyer and has also acted as a board member of a number of economic regeneration boards and as a college governor. In these roles, he has been an advocate for young people and helped to achieve positive improvements. An approach which he thinks will help to add value and help the team to achieve even greater success.