Youth Panel

Some of the Youth Panel on an away day


The Youth Panel is at the heart of the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme. We work as a team to support with the planning, design and, most importantly, the evaluation of Greater Manchester Talent Match to work towards ensuring that it is as successful as it can be! We meet on a monthly basis and Youth Panel members sit on different strategic groups within the programme. All Youth Panel members have at some point experienced barriers to employment. The Youth Panel is continuously evolving and always welcomes new members who are aged 18 – 24 and want to represent the views and opinions of young people to inform the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme.

If you are interested and would like to get involved please telephone Natalie Bates (Greater Manchester Talent Match Youth Panel Officer) at Greater Manchester Youth Network on 0161 274 3377 or email

To find out more about the members of the Youth Panel, visit our Meet the Youth Panel page.